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Radium Springs flows again

^Last year, Radium practically dried up ^Last year, Radium practically dried up

April 25, 2003

Dougherty Co.-- Another good sign that the drought in South Georgia may be over. For the first time in years, the springs are flowing again.

Heavy rain pours into the Radium Springs, making it very clear why the South Georgia landmark has come back to life.

Last summer, Radium Springs has almost no water in the bowl. The spring was not drawing water from the Flint River, because the aquifer water level was at a nearly historic low point.

But today, the water level is back up, the spring flowing again. Fish can be seen jumping once again, as live moves back in.

"Radium Springs remains a constant 68 degrees when it is flowing," said DNR Biologist Rob Weller. "The striped bass come here to escape the nearly 80 degree temperatures in the Flint River."

That means good news for the rare species. With Radium Springs level back to normal, and the flow restored, it's another good sign that South Georgia is bouncing back from five years of record drought.

The Wilson's Blue Hole, south of Radium Springs near Plant Mitchell, is also flowing again. DNR biologists say it has been dry for close to four years.

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