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Tornado hits Decatur County

April 25, 2003

Decatur County- It was a normal day of work at the Decatur County Industrial Park until ten o'clock.

Meredith Jordan says, "It started raining really hard and when you're in a big metal building with a lot of glass and a lot of aluminum, you start getting concerned."

Meredith Jordan works at the Georgia Palm Beach Aluminum Window Corporation. When the storm hit, she says the building shook, but damage was limited to a single busted door that workers will have to repair.

She adds, "This is a tornado alley this is the reputation. We've been here 39 years and we've had three or four tornadoes that have come."

The Industrial Park Golf Course is next door to the Window company. Uprooted trees and broken branches litter the course. Tony Price and his brother Rusty were eyewitnesses to the tornado.

Rusty says, "We came out here around eight this morning to play a game of golf, and it was drizzling but we thought we could play through the weather."

As the tornado picked up, Rusty says they crawled into a hole for safety. He adds, " The next thing we know we started seeing these trees go to snapping like tooth picks. Within five seconds, it was already this way. It was unreal."

They both say it's hard to believe a day on the golf course turned into a near-death experience.

No one at the industrial park or on the golf course was injured.

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