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Surveillance video shows man stealing Coolidge truck

By LeiLani Golden - bio | email

COOLIDGE, GA (WALB) – We have surveillance video of a bold vehicle theft in Coolidge.

Early Friday morning, police say David Engwiller pulled into the Petro gas station in Coolidge and took off in the store manager's idling truck.

That manager helped authorities catch Engwiller by following him all the way to Quitman in another employee's car.

The manager finally got his stolen truck back this weekend.

Latoya Lurry never had an eventful day at work. But that all changed last Friday when someone stole her boss' truck.

"I didn't believe that would happen in Coolidge, GA. I was like, oh my God, this guy was brave enough to steal a company's truck?"

Lurry was working the cash register at the Petrol station when a man police say was David Engwiller pulled up in a truck that belonged to the city of Light House Point, Florida.

"I'd seen a white truck pull up to the gas pump like he wanted gas, but then I realized he wasn't getting gas cause his license plate was painted orange. So I told my boss, Al, that it was a guy trying to get in his truck. He was like no he's not. He got in the truck and backed out and I said Al, your truck is gone! He said no it's not and I said Al, LOOK!"

When Al Patel realized his truck really was gone, he went back inside and asked Lurry if he could borrow her Nissan Maxima.

"He asked me, Toya where are your keys, where are your keys! All jumping up and down and scared. I said they're right here and he started to take off and I said PLEASE be careful with my car!"

As Patel followed the thief, Lurry called the police. She filled them in on the situation and then called Patel.

"I was calling him every three seconds asking where the car was and if it was okay. I was like please Al please don't wreck my car!"

Patel didn't wreck. But Engwiller wasn't as lucky. He wrecked the truck, giving authorities in Brooks County the chance they needed to arrest him. Lurry is proud her boss was brave enough to take matters into his own hands.

"I was scared, I don't know what I would have done."

Now the truck is back with its owner with only a couple of scratches left as a reminder of that eventful day at work.

David Engwiller remains in jail tonight and faces multiple charges in Brooks and Thomas county as well as in Florida.

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