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Two arrested for Albany supermarket burglary

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) –Two Albany men are arrested just hours after breaking through the wall, and into an East Albany supermarket.  The two men cut a hole through the back wall of the Winn Dixie on East Oakridge Drive.

Police say this is the second time in the last five days these same thieves cut their way through the walls of the store's cooler, but this time they caught the persistent crooks.

Investigators say the two thieves cut through the wall of an empty cooler at the east Albany Winn Dixie Friday morning, stealing cigarettes and beer. Tuesday morning about 3 AM they came back for more.

Take a look at this small hole. Police say the crooks used some type of metal shears to cut their way into the Winn Dixie early this morning. Investigators say first they tried to force their way through the holes they cut in the other side of the cooler wall Friday, but the store had done too good a job sealing them. So they cut a new hole, and went for the same loot.

Albany Police Detective Kawaski Barnes said "Took several cases of beer as well as several cartons of cigarettes."

Over the hole blood stains where the crooks cut and scratched themselves crawling through the small hole. But their whole theft was caught on tape.

Barnes said "Fortunately the business had good surveillance footage and we were able to use that surveillance footage in the process of the investigation."

After using that surveillance video to see who broke in, Patrol officers spotted 47 year old Jeffrey Beasley and 42 year old Trevis Johnson a few hours later just blocks from the store. Police searched this home on Vick Street about 8:30, and found several cartons of the stolen cigarettes inside. Beasley and Johnson were charged with burglary.

Break ins and burglaries are a big crime problem, and these crooks show just how far thieves will go to steal.

Barnes said "The unfortunate thing, if someone wants to get into your residence or into your building, no matter how many burglar bars or cameras or whatever. They are going to get in, if that's their desire to do so."

Police say the store's surveillance video was one of the keys in catching these persistent and bold crooks, who were not shy about going back to burglarize the same store again

Police say the store is still trying to inventory to find out just how much beer and cigarettes were stolen in the two break ins, but they say they recovered a large number of cartons inside that house.

Police say their investigation continues, and that more arrests are possible. Beasley and Johnson are being held in the Dougherty County Jail.

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