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Redistricting case to go before Supreme Court

April 28, 2003 

(Atlanta-AP) -- Georgia's redistricting dispute goes before the U.S. Supreme Court tomorrow. Earlier this month, a Fulton County Superior Court judge dismissed Governor Perdue's lawsuit against Attorney General Thurbert Baker over who has the power to make the state's legal decisions.

Perdue wanted Baker to drop a redistricting fuit filed under former Governor Roy Barnes, but Baker refused. Fulton County Superior Court Judge Constance Russell sided with Baker, saying the independently elected attorney does not have to drop a case just because the governor asks him to.

The judge chided Perdue for arguing that it's not in Georgia's best interest to defend a redistricting law passed under Barnes. Perdue will appeal to the Georgia Supreme Court. The governor wants to abandon the state's appeal of a Senate redistricting plan adopted two years ago when Democrats were in control of the Legislature. The U.S. Supreme Court has scheduled a hearing on Georgia's case tomorrow.

If Georgia wins, the state will revert to a 2001 redistricting plan that was drawn to help Democrats. The Georgia case is the only significant redistricting case the justices have taken from the 2000 census.

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