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Small pet horse shot and killed

By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

OCILLA, GA (WALB) - A shocking and gruesome case of animal cruelty in Irwin County. Investigators say someone shot and killed a miniature horse.

Family members want justice and investigators want whoever knows what happened to speak up.

This horse in these pictures is Jelly. "She was very mild mannered, you could walk up under her and between her legs, she was very gentle," said the horse owner Teresa Benson.

And even though she wasn't very big, she made a big impact on the Benson family. "That was the first horse I came in contact with and I was pretty close to that horse," said Jamie Byington.

Two and half years ago, Teresa Benson and her husband bought the pony for their two young children. "That was my sons horse he loved to ride her on the weekends and take up time with her," said Benson.

But Sunday morning, she made a gruesome discovery when she looked inside Jelly's pin."The fence was caved in and she was laying on top of it and she was dead and her eyes were wide opened," said Benson.

But she didn't die of natural causes, Investigators say the horse was shot twice at close range with a shotgun.

"The bullet holes were huge, there was no mistaking that this was intentional," said Benson.

"This case to me is going to be a personal vendetta and I think somebody took the rage out on the horse," said Irwin County Investigator Tammy Purcell.

Investigator Tammy Purcell says at the moment they are interviewing people of interest. "Anytime you take out anger on a poor innocent animal or a child or anything that is helpless its cold, the person who did this was very cold hearted."

But she says this case is going to be a tough one to crack,"I think not having any evidence, not having a bullet because the horse was shot with a shotgun and not having any witnesses and it was done at night," said Purcell.

And she says more than one person knows what happened. "They shot those children's horse it was a senseless act and I would urge them to tell what happened," said Purcell.

But with a little more investigating, she is hopeful they can solve the case and bring justice to the family.

If you know anything about what happened contact the sheriff's office at 468-7459.

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