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Expended explosives found in Lee County

April 24, 2003

Lee County-- Artillery is found in a Lee County backyard and authorities don't know who put them there.

The family just moved into their Philema Road home four months ago, and were shocked to uncover the munition.

Lee County deputies called in explosive experts from Fort Benning to remove the items. The munition was found along the fence, partially buried. Authorities say five illumination rounds were discovered, along with a handful of tracer projectiles, 105 millimeter artillery, and some 50 caliber bullets.

Lee County Chief Deputy Dennis Parker says, "There's really know way to date them, they turned out to be expended rounds, so they weren't explosive. They could have been picked up at a military range, we just don't know where they came from."

There have been several owners at this home, so authorities say they have no idea who put them there.

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