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Lookout; it's snake season

By Tayleigh Davis - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -Warmer weather and sunshine means people may be spending more time outside. It means snakes are out too.

Wildlife specialists and animal control officers have caught several poisonous snakes in people's backyards recently.

This time of year it's common for Chehaw Natural Resources Director Ben Kirkland to see snakes in the woods and near water.

"You won't know it's there unless you run into it and it's definitely a concern because they have tremendously good camouflage," Kirkland said.

The Copperhead snake is venomous. It lives right here in southwest Georgia and hides easily underneath leaves. Kirkland says most bites occur when people try to handle a snake, but a park sign says to just leave them alone.

"The biggest question is how can I keep snakes out of my yard," Kirkland said. "Think in terms of why the snake may be there to begin with -they're looking for food and cover."

In other words don't let brush or debris build up in your yard. Monday, Animal Control responded to a rattlesnake in the yard at 1210 Catalina Drive. Neighbors say it was at least a few feet long.

Some common venomous snakes in our area are cottonmouth, rattlesnakes, and coral snakes. Kirkland says people who are bitten by a venomous snake should go to the doctor right away. Don't try to treat it yourself.

"Keep the bite below the heart so it can slow the venom from spreading and just get to the hospital as quickly as possible," Kirkland added.

Kirkland reminds people snakes can be out in the daytime especially during the Spring and Fall. In the summer it gets so hot many times they turn nocturnal.

Kirkland says more than 95 percent of snakes in southwest Georgia are not venomous. Even through rattlesnakes, copperheads, and coral snakes are prevalent in our area, he says to just to be mindful and watch your step when your outside.

We tried contacting Animal Control several times to see how many snakes they've picked up in the past couple weeks, but our calls have not been returned.

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