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Albany's Jane Wayne Day

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) – Thursday, a group of military spouses got a new perspective on what their partners deal with on a day to day basis.

Tarah Thomas has never cooked a meal quite like this one. "I would probably starve to death if I was left alone to fix my own MRE. I couldn't even open the package much less know what to do."

And Frances Reyna has never pulled a trigger on a shotgun. "That shotgun caught me off guard, the force of it."

For most of these ladies these activities are something new, but for their spouses it comes with the job.

"My husband served two tours in Iraq so I figured this is the closest I will understand to what he goes through," said military spouse April Green.

Today military spouses had the opportunity to participate in "Jane Wayne Day at the marine base

Where these women got a these women got a taste of life in their spouses shoes. Everything from physical training, to riding in a 7-ton Truck, eating a pre-packaged Meal Ready to Eat and shooting at the range.

But the activities did more than just work up a sweat. Some of the spouses say it gave them a better appreciation and understanding of what their husbands do. "He can run 11 miles and it doesn't hurt him and I did the APFT test and I'm red faced already so I have a better appreciation of what he goes through," said Green.

It even gave some of the husbands we spoke with a new perspective on their wives. "Anytime you watch your spouse or marine go through the course its just motivating," said Louis Reyna.

Military Officials hope to hold this event again in the future.


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