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Tired Creek lake project moves forward

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By LeiLani Golden - bio | email

CAIRO, GA (WALB) –  Grady County is making some progress on a lake project that's been in the works for decades.



The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers issued a provisional permit earlier this week for the creation of a 960-acre fishing lake on Tired Creek. But the county still has some obstacles to overcome before it can begin construction.


The Tired Creek Lake project's history dates back to 1930, when the federal government proposed a lake and park be developed. Decades later, the project is still in the works.

"The ball was dropped a long time ago. And Grady County board of commissioners picked it back up in 1997," said Grady County Administrator Rusty Moye.

The county applied for a permit to build the lake in 1999. More than ten years passed, and the county finally received a provisional permit. But it has some fine print.

"There are seven general conditions and twenty-seven special conditions. And the provisional permit is not valid until all these conditions are met and agreed to," Moye said.

Most of the conditions are negotiable, but the biggest condition of them all is satisfying the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA is against the construction of a 3,000 foot long dam needed to create the lake.

"It is impoundment of water and in their eyes it is destruction of property. They just don't agree with it,' Moye said.

The property where Grady County plans to build the lake is currently a series of creeks and marsh like land.

If the county receives the final go-ahead, they won't even need to dig out the lake.

"It's a geographic anomaly in this part of the country. It's a natural basin. When completed, the 956 acre lake will have approximately 200 acres of water that's at least 20-40 feet deep."

Officials say they strive to make the project tax-payer friendly.

"We're hoping the federal government will help us with some of it. And then of course once it's developed, we'll have fees for going out there that will help defer the operating costs."

But there's no telling how much longer the county may have to wait for that elusive green light.

Grady County commissioners plan to meet next week to discuss permit negotiations with the different agencies they're working with on the Tired Creek Lake project.

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