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Festival on the Square starts Friday

April 23, 2003

Moultrie - This weekend, a south Georgia town will have a splash of color added. Thousands of people are expected to show up and see the new look. Artist will show off their talents on the square in Moultrie.

Robert Folds says, "Make me look good." Portrait Artist, Sally Shover, says, "I am making you look good, you are a very handsome man."

Folds, the owner of Taste of Home in Doerun, is getting a special treat. Shover draws his beard on her paper and says, "If you straighten your head, thank you."

Shovar is a fast portrait artist. In fifteen minutes, she can clone you onto paper. She says, "Most artist don't' talk when they are drawing, but that's how I make my living drawing real people."

She does it one eye, or ear, at a time. Shover adds while she works, "If I just do one detail at a time, somehow, trust in the process it comes out and works well. Now, that ear is in the wrong place, try it again. Try it again."

She loves people to watch her at work. She says, "I find it improves the quality of my work. Vastly, sort of energy that comes in showing off."

Another artist is showing off in a bigger way. Jeff Mather explains, "People who are drawn to this idea have come out and jumped in."

Mather is a site artist, he invents space with colorful tires and beams of patterns. He says, "It's about re-designing Moultrie. Take the historic aspect of Moultrie and possibly call attention to it." Shover says, "I only draw what I see, I don't invent."

Anyone can be an artist. She adds, "I learned, once you learn how to draw a shoe or tree, you can draw anything, you just have to practice. That's the difference between me and everybody else. I practice everyday."

You can get hands-on help from both artists at the Festival on the Square in Moultrie.

The festival kicks off at 6:00 Friday night with a picnic and live entertainment at the Colquitt County Arts Center. The festival begins Saturday morning at ten in downtown Moultrie.

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