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Beware of counterfeit checks

April 23, 2003

Moultrie - Merchants beware. Counterfeit checks are circulating around south Georgia, Alabama and north Florida.

The fake payroll checks have McDonalds or Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Company written on the top. Police say the checks have been reported in four south Georgia cities, including Moultrie, Sylvester, Thomasville and Cairo.

The checks are written out for $400 to $900. One way to tell the McDonald's checks are fake, the name is mis-spelled in the lower right hand corner. McDonalds is missing the "d". Moultrie Police Sgt. Roger Lindsay, says, "The merchants are the ones out of the money. We need to emphasize, the McDonalds corporation surely are not behind any of this. This is an individual or a group of individuals making up the McDonald's checks. "

Police say if you receive a fake check, get a description of the person and car, including tag number and call police.

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