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Suspect caught in school bomb threats

April 22, 2003

SYLVESTER - "We're going back to third period," Worth County High School's assistant principal told students Tuesday morning. That was the first of two times that day Worth County High School was evacuated because a note on the wall of the boy's bathroom threatened a bomb would go off.

"Each and every one of those we have to assume it's going to actually happen, it's too critical to take a chance in this day and age," Principal Kenneth Goseer said.

K-9 units were called in from the marine base for bomb sweeps and students returned to their classrooms in less than an hour, Wednesday it happened again.

"Same scenario note scribbled on the wall this particular one had designated time and date," Goseer said.

The bomb supposedly wouldn't detonate until late in the afternoon, so Worth County bussed all of its students to the stadium, making sure no child would get to go home early because of the fourth prank of its kind in the past week.

"I've got teachers furnishing lunch for kids going to have normal a day as we can under these circumstances." School administrators spent much of the day trying to explain to parents why they could not pick up their child, meanwhile EMS, police the fire department, GEMA and even the Red Cross were standing by in case any student experienced health problems from the heat or the sun.

For the most part though, parents just want things to return to normal.

"Frustrated, scary somebody needs to do something about it," parent Eddie Renee Green said.

"I just feel like somebody knows who's behind it," Glenda Adams said.

So did the school, that's why they offered a $500 reward for information leading to an arrest. That arrest came late Wednesday afternoon, when a student turned in a 15-year-old who had bragged about making the threats. He's now at the Youth Detention Center awaiting trial.

If convicted, the 15 year old's family could be forced to pay for all the hours spent responding to the threat. GBI agents and Sylvester police are looking for another suspect who may have been responsible for one of the other bomb threats.

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