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Thomasville man was murdered


By LeiLani Golden - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – Thomasville - Thomasville Police now say they believe a man found dead in his apartment Monday was murdered.

Managers at Providence Plaza Apartments found 44-year-old Kenneth Mickens' body in his apartment. Police are working with the GBI, and they're asking for the public's help to find the killer.

The Providence Plaza apartment complex is usually a quiet place.

"Mostly older people live out here. Most people go to church and it's a spiritual atmosphere. And most people are disabled out here in some way or fashion, so you'd never expect something like this to happen."

Monday afternoon, Thomasville police and GBI agents responded to a possible homicide at the apartments. Shocked neighbors watched on as authorities processed the crime scene. Neighbors described the victim, 44-year old Kenneth Mickens, as a quiet person who kept to himself.

"I know him by living out here. I mean, he didn't bother nobody. So I don't know what happened," said Neighbor Randolph Griggs.

Neighbors say management went to check on Mickens when the lady living next door found a hole in the wall connecting the two apartments.

"And they came down to fix the hole. So she was saying the guy next door must have drilled a hole through her wall. He knocked on the door and didn't get no answer. He opened it with the master key and went in. That's when he found him on the floor dead," said Griggs.

Authorities say they found blood in the apartment, but await autopsy results before stating a cause of death.

"There are no suspects and no weapon found on the scene. I don't know of any forced entry to the apartment. However, it's still being looked into as a homicide," said Thomasville Police Lt. Eric Hampton.

"I keep my door closed. And I know the door is tough and you can't bust that door down. The only way someone's getting in is if you let them in," said Griggs.

But police say they will beef up patrols in the neighborhood anyway to keep residents feeling safe.

Investigators urge anyone with information to call the GBI or the Thomasville Police Criminal Investigations Unit at 227-3302.

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