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Sheriff brings in attack dog to collar escapee

April 23, 2003

Schley County-- The Schley County Sheriff has a solemn warning for his constituents:
"I told them to lock the doors, call us and protect your property if he comes in on you."

An armed robber and accused murderer is still on the run. It's been 72 hours since 16-year-old Donovan Kilgore escaped from the Sumter County Youth Development Campus.

He is not the typical teenager. Kilgore was convicted in juvenile court for a home invasion/armed robbery in Atlanta. He is awaiting trial in Fulton County Superior Court for killing someone during that robbery. Authorities insist Kilgore is dangerous and have boxed the inmate into a heavily wooded area near Highway 153 in Schley County.

Authorities continue the search for 16-year-old Donovan Kilgore, patrolling a five mile perimeter of woods and swamps just south of Ellaville. Kilgore was spotted at a construction site on Stevens Road at 7:00 last night. Construction worker Sam Palmer says, "We heard that yesterday evening he had the truck running. Someone spotted him out here messing with the truck, they came to where he was and he ran through the woods again."

Kilgore wanted this truck to be his get-away car, but a deputy patrolling nearby foiled his plan. Schley County Sheriff, Shane Tondee, says, "When the deputy pulled about where the back haul is, he saw the smoke coming out of the stack right here and he got out and saw the inmate running into the woods that way."

The bloodhounds followed Kilgore's track into the woods, eventually losing his scent about four hours later. But authorities say they'll catch Kilgore next time, "We've got another dog coming in that's a patrol attack dog. If we have another spotting we are just going to sic the dog on him this time."

The attack dog is trained to take down its prey --and the next time Kilgore tries to make a break for it, authorities insist his run will be over. Authorities are paying special attention to the handful of homes near-by, making sure the people living there are well protected. But Sheriff Tondee warns residents to stay alert and lock all doors and windows.

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