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Judges speak at Law Day at Darton College

April 23, 2003

Albany -- Students at Darton College got a chance to hear how court systems work, from the judges themselves. Magistrate Courts, or the people's court as they are called, were the topic at Law Day at Darton.

Dougherty County Magistrate Judge Bob Revell, State Administrative Judge Gordon Zeese, and attorney Tina Folsom explained to students how Magistrate Courts function, and their role in the American justice system.

 Judge Revell said "These issues are on these young people's minds. They are concerned and care about what's going on down at the courthouse. That the courts are independent, fairly and impartially operating."

 Judge Zeese said "This is one of the foundations and fundamental great things about the United States, that we are a country of laws."

 Magistrate court judges sign all the arrest and search warrants for county police officers. Revell explained how Magistrate judges protect the 4th Amendment Rights to insure proper search and seizure rights are respected.

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