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Wild Adventures offers D.U.I. Experience

April 23, 2003

Lowndes County - It's called the D.U.I experience, a one hour crash course on the dangers of drinking and driving. "When we initially started this park, we wanted it to be a recreational, as well as an educational attraction," said Kent Beusher, Park Owner. "We hope this will give them the knowledge that they need to never put themselves in a compromising position."

Students wear fatal vision goggles that blur their vision, and make it seem like they've had several alcoholic beverages. They then try to maneuver go-carts around Wild Adventures Speedway. "Everything looked like it was up close, and I couldn't tell what direction I was going in or what I was running into," said Ashley Smart, Student.

They can't even walk a straight line or catch a tennis ball, much less drive a go cart around a winding course of orange cones. "I didn't think I was even hitting them, but they said I knocked down almost 15," said Smart.

Students aren't the only ones learning a lesson. Chaperone and parent Gerald Doe says the effects of the goggles are incredible. "I've never drank, but I'm sure this is as real as it gets and now I know I'll never do it," said Doe.

He hopes this experience will have a lasting impact on his child and the rest of the students. "I'm glad we came this far and did this, because back home we don't have anything that gives them this first hand look at how dangerous drinking and driving can be," said Doe.

After the class, students were given a video tape of the race so they can see just how much drinking and driving effects their actions.

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