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Firearms training equips gun owners with skills

By Tayleigh Davis - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -People all across the nation are purchasing guns for safety purposes. It's the same story in Albany.

WALB's Tayleigh Davis spent the day at a firearms training class to speak with some people who are becoming familiar with their guns and learning the proper way to handle them.

Pam Reynolds purchased a gun, but she wants to learn how to handle it correctly.

"If I'm threatened to a point where I can't escape then I should be able to defend myself," said Reynolds

That's why she's attending a firearms training course APD and the district attorney's office put together. After legal and safety sessions at the law enforcement center, she's ready to shoot.

District Attorney Greg Edwards taught the legal issues behind owning a gun and Deputy Chief Mark Scott taught technique and safety precautions.

"We've allowed people to bring their own weapons with their own ammunition and we'll do a brief inspection to make sure it's safe and allow them to put into practice some of the techniques we taught," said Scott.

Reynolds' trigger is more stiff than expected Mary Hurst's gun had more of a kick than she predicted.

"It has a huge kick and it gave me the opportunity to experience it personally but I hit the target six out of six times and I was very pleased," said Hurst.

15 people took the class. That's the maximum number that way everyone gets a chance to shoot their guns.

" It was a great experience and I thank APD for giving us the opportunity to get an overview of the laws regarding our permits and for the opportunity to actually fire our firearms," Hurst said.

Gun owners like Reynolds and Hurst can not only feel safer with a gun, but now they can properly shoot it.

If you're interested in taking a firearms class you can contact the Albany Police Department at 229-483-6298. The class is free.

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