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Ex-POW returns home to Georgia

April 22, 2003

Albany- Friends and family members are elated to see Ron Young return home after being held captive in Iraq. While he is safe now Young will never forget the days he spent as a prisoner of war.

"I think only people that's been through something like this can know what someone would go through," claims Young.

It may have been another era and another war but Charles Mcghee has walked in Young's shoes. "They shot that whole squadron down, 7,8,9 airplanes that day, and they got ours," says ex-POW Charles Mcghee.

Mcghee was a bomber pilot in WWII and spent 8 months as a POW. But he says his homecoming was nothing like that of Young's.

"We got nothing when we came back as far as publicity, and we didn't want anything. I stayed in the service and no one knew that I was an ex-prisoner of war," he explains.

Mcghee, now 82, has lived a full-life, and has some advice for POW's as they return home and go on with their lives. "Be thankful. I know they are, and don't let this publicity and stuff bother them. Of course we shunned it. But, there is the Lord, there is a God," adds Mcghee.

He says focusing on the good things in life and leaning on the Lord have helped him rise above his traumatic 8 months in a German jail.

Charles Mcghee also says being part of an ex-POW support group has been helpful because he has made friends who can relate to his experiences.

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