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Get a haircut, save the Gulf Coast

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ALBANY,  GA (WALB) – Everyone can do their part to help in the massive oil spill clean up effort on the Gulf Coast, by getting a haircut! It sounds strange, but hair is one of the most effective tools to absorb oil. A non-profit group called Matter of Trust is collecting hair from salons worldwide and making booms from the clippings.

An Albany hair salon heard about their efforts and decided to help. So instead of throwing away hair clippings, they're saving them.

So when Loretta Gahman stopped by Candler's Hair Company she didn't realize her simple cut and color could help save the Gulf Coast.

"This is our box we've got set up in the middle of the shop, we're putting all our hair in it throughout the day," said owner Linda Smith.

At the end of every week their plan is to ship the hair to a nonprofit organization called Matter Of Trust, a group collecting human hair from all over the world to soak up the oil.

"This is probably the coolest thing I've been involved in," said hairdresser Angie Conley.

Thousands of volunteers right now are making the booms or recycled nylons stuffed with hair. The booms are already being used on Gulf Coast beaches because hair naturally absorbs oil.

"It's terrible, we could lose so much with on coastline," said Smith.

"Our marine life, seafood, all the jobs, all the fisherman that are already suffering," agreed Conley.

And for Loretta Gahman and this group of hairdressers, helping feels good.

"I didn't think I had enough to give today but I'm glad I can. It's my little contribution to America," she said.

So far more than 450,000 pounds of hair is on its way to the Gulf. Now they can add a few more clippings to that pile.

Matter of Trust is using 25,000 square feet of temporarily donated warehouses and storage spaces on Gulf Coast beaches to make the hair booms and mats. Matter of Trust says the hair donations are tax deductible so if you're a hair salon that wants to participate, send in your hair, and they'll send you back a receipt.

Here's a link to their website:

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