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School honors alumni serving in Iraq

April 22, 2003

Camilla-- Four former students at Westwood School in Camilla are serving in Iraq in the military. So Tuesday students tied yellow ribbons at the school to support them.

All of the Westwood School students and faculty gathered around the flagpole to honor their former students now serving in the military.

The school raised the Blue Star Banner during the ceremony to honor their alumni. Four former Westwood students are currently serving in Iraq.

Headmaster Tim Luther said "I am amazed that we have that many that are in the conflict. From a small school like ours, with only 312 students."

Then the students tied yellow ribbons to the fence surrounding the school to honor the troops. Curriculum Director Betty Shiver said "Some of our guys are over there, and we know them, know their faces. It personalizes it a bit, and it's a way to show our pride in them."

Sixth grader Shane Williams and his 4th grade sister Chelsea remembered their uncle Cody Williams, who is in Iraq. Shane said "He said he would be back soon. He's in the 3rd Infantry, 7th Cavalry. And he went over in the tanks."

Chelsea said "I miss him a bunch."

Matthew Hilliard and his sister Leah Hilliard tied yellow ribbons for their uncle, Captain Robert Hilliard, who is with the 1st Armored Division of the 770th Infantry Battalion.

Matthew said "I hope he gets back soon, but I just hope he gets back OK." Westwood school will leave the flag and yellow ribbons up on their school fence for a week, so the families of their former students can see their symbol of support.

Luther said "We're proud that we are able to teach them to be patriotic, and to love the country."

Also honored Tuesday, Kyle Jones , serving in the Marines, Richard Sharp, serving in the Army in the Middle East.

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