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Repairs to Slough Loop Road in Decatur Co. underway


By LeiLani Golden - bio | email

DECATUR COUNTY, GA (WALB) – Road crews began repairing damage to Slough Loop Road in Decatur County today, over a year after flood waters washed it out.

Earlier this week, a vehicle drove into one of the large gaps in the road. Now some residents accuse the county of only fixing the road now to avoid possible lawsuits.

It's been more than a year ago that the Big Slough watershed flooded and washed out Slough Loop Road. Samantha Lane used to live here and she recalls that day vividly.

"It was early early early in the morning. Everyone was trying to get their stuff out. We had firefighters out here putting boats out so we could go in there and get our stuff."

The water washed out two portions of the road, leaving enormous, and dangerous gaps.

"We would be out here at night on the porch watching and you could hear them just like, they don't even slow down over the speed bump. They just come and all you hear is screech! And you see brake lights, big red lights, in the middle of the night," says Lane. "And they finally stop right there at the end."

Residents warned that eventually someone would drive into the gap. And on Tuesday evening, that's exactly what happened.

"I guess they thought they could just hop right on over it. Their car didn't have wings. The county should have thought about that. They could have at least put dirt or closed it off completely instead of just putting up a sign. Somebody could have had their kids in the car and they could have flipped. And it would have been some serious problems."

Lane believes the county is only beginning repairs because of Tuesday's incident.

"Yeah, if it wasn't because of that, they wouldn't be here now. That tractor wouldn't be here now. it's messed up. It took somebody a year and a half after this has happened to actually care."

Now Slough Loop road is on the path to repair.

Construction workers say Slough Loop road will be rebuilt to its original, pre-flood design.

Phone calls to Decatur County Public Works and Road officials have not been returned. An expected completion date is unknown.

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