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Home burglaries on the rise in Thomas County


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THOMAS COUNTY, GA (WALB) – Burglaries seem to be a growing problem throughout south Georgia.

Thomas County investigators say break-ins tend to increase as summer approaches and people begin to go on vacation. They say homes may be more at risk.

County homes are usually set farther apart and surrounded by trees. Crooks seem to like the privacy, which may have led to two home burglaries last weekend in Thomas County. One was happened in Coolidge on Rocky Ford Road.

"It was off the road so they had time to look around, explains Investigator Pascal Autrey of the Thomas County Sheriff's Office. "They ended up taking an ATV that was a Kawasaki mule."

The other burglary occurred in the Spring Lake subdivision just outside Thomasville. Concerned neighbor Sally Sullivan couldn't believe how close to home the burglary hit.

"One of my neighbors came and told me that one of the houses had been robbed. And she and I were both completely shocked because we thought our neighborhood was safe."

Thieves seem to look for big ticket items and leave quickly.

"Flat screen TVs are a hot item right now. We've had several in the county as well as the city, break ins for those," say Autrey.

The Sullivans say their neighbors had an alarm system, but it wasn't turned on.

Investigators say they work more daytime home burglaries because crooks know people aren't home. And thieves often go scouting before picking a target.

"We feel like this is someone who actually has sort of checked out the neighborhood," Sullivan says.

Autrey warns, "If someone knocks on the door, they'll just ask if someone lives there, if they need some yard work, they'll already have a story done up for why they were there."

Investigators say it's important to stay vigilant and participate in a neighborhood crime watch. Even the smallest oddities may be a tip for a later investigation.

"When we told everyone there was a burglary, we got back two responses of one neighbor with a door opened that looked suspicious and another whose alarm went off which was unusual for that house," Sullivan remarked.

Locking doors, turning on alarm systems, and reporting anything unusual could keep a safe neighborhood, even safer.

Thomas County investigators encourage anyone with any information on recent burglaries to call them at (229) 225-3305.


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