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Sharpton visits ASU

April 21, 2003

Albany- Even in rainy weather, a delayed schedule, and a tiring day around the state, Reverend Al Sharpton made sure his voice was heard at Albany State.

Sharpton spoke about many issues not just concerning African Americans, but all Americans who want to see a shift in big business politics and tax cuts for the wealthy.

"I think that it is important that we define what the Democratic party stands for and what it does not stand for and part of my running is to make the Democratic party stand up and represent the issues of working class people that it was founded to do," says Sharpton.

Many students gathered around to meet and greet Sharpton, realizing the rare opportunity of having a presidential candidate on their campus.

"I think really just to have an opportunity to hear him first hand was great for the university community as well as the Albany community as a whole," says Adria Nobles-Kimbrough.

While Sharpton urged students not to forget the importance of affirmative action, spirituality, and grassroots politics, he also encouraged them to use their personal voting power.

"Its important that young people start early because these decisions will impact their lives, how they're educated, how that education is financed, where they will live, what they will do," adds Sharpton.

One of the things Sharpton is hoping all students will do is use their voice and vote. Before they left students like Fallon Jenkins made sure their voice would be heard, by registering to vote.

"Young people we don't take that initiative to go out and vote and I feel that by us showing that we're going out there, we're active, we're registering to vote that we're making a difference," claims Jenkins.

And a difference is what Reverend Al Sharpton promises if he is elected as the next president.

Sharpton says he plans to kick off his presidential campaign formally in June, and he'll continue his register to vote campaign as he seeks office.

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