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Students learn about snakes, alligators and trees

April 21st

Albany -- Did you know that trees are used to make the Gatorade you drink, or the ice cream you eat? That's what some students around South Georgia are learning this week. And they're getting a hands-on lesson with the Georgia Forestry Commission's mobile classroom.

Most of the 8th graders at St. Teresa's school had never held a corn snake, or touched a live alligator. But Monday they did, as the Department of Natural Resources and Georgia Forestry Commission teamed up for a nature demonstration.

Wildlife Biologist Julie Williams said "Many children have never touched or even seen some of Georgia's native creatures. They have a good time and learn a lot getting to touch them."

The Georgia Forestry Commission's Mobile Classroom gave the students a look at forests, and how trees influence their lives.

 Education Coordinator Eric Moseley said "Most of these kids don't know that tree products are used to make ice cream, soap they bath with, toothpaste, or the Gatorade they drink."

 The 200 thousand dollar tractor trailer has a dozen computers inside which allow the students to interactively learn more about forests. Moseley said "Why they need to learn about trees, and take care of them. That's what we will teach them."

 As more Georgia children grow up in urban areas, the need to teach them about forests and wildlife through education programs increases.

The Georgia Forestry Commission's Mobile Classroom will be instructing at Albany schools this week, then move on to Miller County and Colquitt County.

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