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Convicted murderer tried for another killing

April 21, 2003

Camilla - A convicted murderer is on trial for another killing. The defendant's Dad, Willie Frank Bell, says, "Very uncomfortable, isn't a day that goes by that it don't worry me and aggravate me about it. " The defendant's dad claims the first murder trial was unfair.

The murder trial of 79-year-old James Marvin Crosson started Monday in Camilla. Willie Fred Bell of Pelham is accused of stabbing and killing Crosson. He was killed in 2001 at his Camilla apartment. Bell's dad, Willie Frank Bell, drives trucks for the Crosson family. He thinks his son is not guilty. He says, "He (his son) knows how good Mr. Crosson was to me and he know how I felt about Mr. Crosson. I don't think he would have hurt Mr. Crosson in no kind of way."

Willie Fred Bell was found guilty last year for stabbing and killing 20-year-old Arthur J. Brown, Junior. Bell was sentenced to life in prison. Bell filed an appeal, but was denied. He claims a few jurors were seen dozing off during the trial. Another appeal has not been filed.

The Crosson trial is expected to continue Tuesday.

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