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APD uses 'specialized patrols'

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  It's just May 4th and already there've been 24 burglaries reported in Albany this month. 18 of them happened in Northwest Albany.

Police are conducting specialized patrols in this part of town, and they're asking the community to be alert.

Patrol cars are left sitting in the neighborhood, but different shifts are staffing this car, and you never know when someone's watching. The neighborhood watch in this area includes 195 home and they've encouraging neighbors to be nosey.

 Tricia Moreschi  was home with Bailey when burglars broke in. "I didn't know if someone was still in the house or not, I never saw whoever broke through this door."

Bailey scared them off, but from her alley the suspect had an easy way in through an unlocked door. Tricia's changing that. "I think I'm going to pass out some keys."

That's exactly what the Neighborhood Watch wants, everything locked up, and neighbors watching the alleys behind the homes for anything suspicious.

"When we see a strange car, get their tag number, call police, and let the police determine if it's a stranger or do they live around there," said Neighborhood Watch Coordinator William "Pink" Whelchel.

Albany Police have added special patrols and want neighbors to take a close look at people they think may be suspicious.

"Look at the eyes, nose, mouth and the ears, with those type of features, we're able to help narrow it down to identify individuals," said APD Lt. James Williams.

Police need neighbors to be their eyes and ears. "I'm wondering what we can do to do better and I'm finding out that I'm not the only one to be broken into," Moreschi said.

The head of the neighborhood watch says it takes everyone getting involved.

"By golly they better get mixed up in it if they don't they're going to lose their jewelry in their home, the Television sets and so forth," said Whelchel.

To keep the neighborhood crime free.

The neighborhood watch in this area is talking about getting everyone's email address so when a burglary happens again they can alert everyone quickly, to keep alert of anything suspicious.

They also want neighbors to call 911 or the police non emergency number if you notice something suspicious.

Neighbors say a lot of the burglaries are occurring around lunch time and on corner lots, so they're watching those areas more carefully.

They also plan to be out in the evenings more walking to keep an eye on their streets.


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