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Three escape from YDC

^Sheriff Ingle ^Sheriff Ingle

April 21, 2003

Sumter County-- Seventeen-year-old Donovan Kilgore and two other inmates escaped from the Sumter County Youth Development Campus Sunday.

Two have been caught, but Kilgore is still on the run, and police warn he is very dangerous.

Late Monday morning, law enforcement searched near the intersection of Highway 30 and State Road 45 in Sumter County, looking for an escapee from the Youth Development Campus.

Donovan Kilgore, along with two other YDC inmates, escaped Sunday, between 3:15 and 4:15 in the afternoon. Now, only one is on the run. "Two escapees, ages 15 and 16, were caught here, in the woods behind the Magnolia Village Apartments," said Sumter County Sheriff Bob Ingle.

"My mom was cooking breakfast and I looked out the window and I saw them coming out of the woods right behind you over there," says 16-year-old Albert Carter, who spotted the boys. Carter spotted the two escapees at 9:00AM, notifying police, who quickly arrested them.

But, more than 20 law enforcement officials are still searching for Kilgore. "You have to realize the YDC we have in Sumter County houses the worst of the worst," Sheriff Ingle said. Ingle says young murderers, rapists, and robbers are housed at this YDC. "If they escape then we have the worst out in our community."

There is no barbed wire at one spot; just a collapsible fence that Sheriff Ingle believes is not good enough. "I feel the safety and security of our citizens calls for more protection than what we've got at this time."

Sheriff Ingle believes Kilgore is a threat, and law enforcement from both Sumter and Webster Counties are searching for him. A spokesperson from the Juvenile Justice Department is optimistic that Kilgore will be caught and says there are several leads in the search right now.

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