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Teachers unhappy with governor

April 21, 2003

(Atlanta-AP) -- Teachers say they feel led on by Republican Governor Perdue and his promises on education reform. Teachers say they have been concerned over budget cuts that they believe will affect the state's public education system.

Bob Cribbs -- a lobbyist for the Georgia Association of Educators -- says Perdue's campaign contained "empty promises." About $180 to $185 million were cut from basic, enrollment-driving funding in fiscal 2004 budget plans for instruction and services, such as school buses.

Another proposal would cut ten to $20 million from a program that provides teams of experts to work with hundreds of low-performing schools. State school officials say the cuts will cripple an already lagging education system that has more than 400 low-performing schools that failed to meet state and federal goals.

Already, Georgia has tumbled to the worst SAT scores of any state. Lawmakers say the cuts are necessary to balance a $16 billion dollar state budget that contains cuts in every state agency.

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