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Albany seafood suppliers react to oil spill

By Tayleigh Davis - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Saturday, Florida Governor Charlie Crist was notified the oil from the massive spill won't reach Florida's beaches for at least three days, but it's just a matter of time before oil washes up on the shores of the Panhandle threatening sea life and a billion dollar fishing industry. This could also have an impact on local businesses.

White's Seafood was busy for business while WALB News was there. Manager, Ann Edward knows the gushing oil leak has threatened wildlife and business in the Gulf but as far as Albany goes she sure hopes the impact doesn't spread this far.

Some scientists suspect the oil slick could eventually reach the Florida coast. That's where White's gets most of its seafood.

"We get some of our food from Key West," Edward said.

That doesn't concern Betty Jean Raing who bought two mullets at White's. She loves all seafood.

"Seafood, oysters, shrimp, I love that. Crabs. That's my cup of tea," Raing said.

AJ's Seafood & Oyster Bar gets all it's oysters from the Apalachicola Bay which provides 70 percent of shrimp and oyster.

"We are concerned because we don't know what's gong to happen. Now, there's no effect but next week could be a different story," said AJ's manager, Karen Cook.

Cook receives shipments each week. She sells oysters $43 a bushel, but not now with a possible shortage looming in the distance.

"We'll still buy them because we're a seafood and oyster bar. As far as price goes I'm not sure yet," Cook added. "We'll just have to wait and see."

In the meantime, she'll continue to serve fresh oysters and seafood. Same for Edward.

"All I can say is we just have to depend on the Lord," Edward said.

She can only hope the effects from the oil spill won't destroy business the way it has already destroyed wildlife.

Louisiana has already closed it's oyster beds in certain regions. That's bad news for fishermen and shrimpers who were looking forward to a season that was just beginning. 

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