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South Georgians travel despite war

April 19, 2003

Albany- Lori McCardle and her husband planned to go to Jamaica for their honeymoon, but when the war began, they had second thoughts. Lori says, "We were so afraid to go out of the country. It just wasn't a good time."

Carrie Council is a travel agent at Your Travel Connection, and she says the travel industry was shocked more people didn't change their plans just as Lori did.

In fact, Council says South Georgians are traveling more because of tighter security measures and prices for cruises in particular have dropped nearly forty percent.

She adds, "Prices are great now. People should jump in now." Lori McCardle says she has no regrets. She says now her apprehensions about travel have calmed, so in the near future, she may head to Jamaica after all.

Some travel destinations and cruise lines are requiring extensive paperwork from travelers to ensure safety during their vacations.

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