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Complaint to DFCS leads to meth lab bust


By LeiLani Golden - bio | email

DECATUR COUNTY, GA (WALB) – A complaint to the Decatur County Department of Family and Children's Services led Sheriff's investigators to a meth lab.

Sheriff's deputies arrested two people, Ashleigh Jenson and Ronald Robinson, in the bust.

But the disturbing part is that authorities say the parents made and used the meth in front of their three small children.

Toys litter the front yard of this Decatur County home, but there are no children playing here. DFCS took them away after investigators say they discovered the parents operated a meth lab.

"There was a one year old, a three year old, and a newborn inside the home," explained Captain Chip Nix of the Decatur County Sheriff's Office.

Someone made a complaint to the Decatur County Sheriff's office about an unclean home where drugs were being used in front of children.

"Once we got there we noticed in the back yard several remnants of a meth lab on a burn pile and several precursors they had tried to burn. A bunch of casings off lithium batteries and blister packs and tubing."

The findings were enough to obtain a search warrant for the rest of the property.

When investigators carried out the search warrant, they found meth and precursors to a meth lab inside the home.

"We found the finished product of meth amphetamine, shop towels, several kinds of acids, aluminum foil, and marijuana."

Meth labs are notorious for causing chemical burns and explosions.

"What we usually see around here is the one pot method where the solvents used are extremely flammable. And once the process starts and it oxidizes, it's highly explosive," says Captain Nix.

A meth lab in Decatur County exploded earlier this month.

"It caused a total loss and their dog burned up inside their home. It's like a revolving door when the parents get incarcerated and then the children go to a family member or into the state system. So it's really the children who are the true victim when it comes to methamphetamines."

And in this case, the victims are too young to call for help. But fortunately, someone else did.

Law enforcement agencies in Decatur County encourage people be on the lookout for suspicious behavior in their neighbors.

They say to call the authorities even if you're not sure if someone is operating a meth lab so an investigator can come check it out.

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