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Dead pit bull found in box in Central Albany

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) –Another dead pit bull found Thursday morning in Albany, hidden in a box and thrown out by a dumpster.

The Albany community is rallying to protect animals, following Saturday's big dog fighting investigation.

Dozens of people are reporting suspected animal abuse or dog fighting involvement to law enforcement and animal control in Albany and Dougherty County. People are angry about dogs being abused, fought and killed.  They are speaking out.

A young female pit bull is found dead, stuffed into that TV box, and thrown into a ditch beside a dumpster in the 15-hundred block of North Madison.

Dolly Porter saw the box yesterday, and today when going to throw it in the dumpster discovered the dead dog, and called 911.

Porter said "With what's going on around Albany with those dog fights, and such."

Animal control agents examined the dead dog, and saw no signs of dog fighting.

Albany Police Spokesperson Phyllis Banks Whitley said "It appears the dog has been malnourished. It doesn't have any marks , that may lead toward it being in fighting or anything like that."

14 people have been arrested so far in connection with Saturday's big dog fighting raid in Dougherty County, and more than 100 pit bulls seized and are being sheltered at the overcrowded Albany Humane Society shelter. Police say community outrage has lots of folks are calling in tips about suspicious dogs or suspected mistreatment of animals.

Dougherty County Police Captain Jimmy Sexton said "We've had several Crime Stoppers tips, related to pit bulls specifically, and their concern with what was happening with those pit bulls."

Dolly Porter said someone just dumping this dog makes her mad. "I don't know how people can treat dogs like that, and just discard them."

People are taking a second look at dogs in their neighborhood, and reporting suspicious activity, and taking a stand against dog fighting.

Police say they welcome this community involvement, and ask you to call any suspicious activity involving dogs or dog fighting. Call Crime Stoppers at 229-436-TIPS.

Albany Police have released the 19 pit bulls seized Monday from Corey Culbreath's yard on West Second Avenue, and will not be charging him.

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