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28-year old man is missing in Baker County

April 18, 2003

Baker County- 28-year old Peter Watson left his home in Newton around six o'clock Tuesday evening. He said he was going to borrow some money, but he never returned. His car was found Wednesday on a dirt road between Damascus and Leary. And even though the police chief says he doesn't suspect foul play, an all-out search has been launched. Newscenter 10's Jocelyn Maner has the story.

It's been three days since Peter Watson left home. His girlfriend says he told her he was going to borrow money from a friend, but he never returned. Candace Stubbs says, "Tuesday evening at the six-thirty he told me he was going to borrow money for some gas, and he never returned."

Peter Watson's car was abandoned on Old Mulberry Road. Both of the doors were open and keys were still in the ignition. Chief Horn says because they did not suspect foul play, they didn't get fingerprints from the car or take pictures of the scene. Instead, he had the family pick up the car and take it back home.

He adds, "I really don't suspect foul play. We think he is just missing." Track3- Peter Watson's sister Melanie Stevenson says she is worried something is wrong because her brother would have called by now.

She adds, "This is not like him. He always calls. Something isn't right." Tracks are still in the dirt where Watson's car was left. Now, conflicting stories from family members and friends will be pieced together to help track Peter Watson down.

A Georgia State Patrol helicopter was even used in the search for Peter Watson. But they didn't see any sign of him.

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