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Mom raises newborn while Dad's at war

April 18, 2003

Naylor - Two ribbons hang outside Michelle Wilcox's home. Blue is for her new baby boy and yellow for the father he's yet to meet. "He looks just like his daddy," said Wilcox.

Michelle's husband Casey deployed to the Middle East back in November, when she was four months pregnant. This is Casey's first deployment, first baby, and the couple's first time apart. "It's really hard, because we miss him so much, but we're hopeful he'll be home before he misses too much," said Michelle.

Casey found out about his new son the day after his birth. "I had told him he'd get a notice from the Red Cross but the day after my due date he called and said he hadn't received one, and I told him about Dawson then," said Wilcox.

A picture of his Dad hangs in baby Dawson's bouncy seat. Michelle says she knows he's too young to see it, but hopes he'll soon realize how brave his father is.

Even though its hard having a baby on her own, Michelle says its more stressful for her husband. "He's depressed because he was so excited when we first found out I was pregnant," said Michelle.

But lots of friends and family are there to lend a hand until Dad returns.

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