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Controversial gun bill could soon become law

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VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) –Licensed gun owners will soon be able to take guns into more public places including some parts of Georgia airports.

The controversial gun bill could soon become law.

It already passed the Senate and is going to the Governor for his signature.

Some people like Valdosta Pawn Manager Ed Mullinax says as long as they pass their background check, everyone should be able to carry a handgun for protection.

 "There's a lot of home burglaries people coming home finding people in their houses home invasion a lot of theft going on," he said. "People are scared."

The proposal that would allow people to carry their guns in more places, like publicly-owned buildings, parks, and some parts of the airports, could soon become a law in Georgia.

"I don't necessarily have a problem with parking lots terminals per say definitely not on airplanes though," said Marshall Armstrong, Valdosta Technical College Program Coordinator for Criminal Justice.

Tomorrow the Georgia house could vote to allow guns in the parking lots of college campuses.

"I'm not for guns on campus at all or any campus period," said Marshall. "Most your campuses and in the state have law enforcement officers like Val Tech on the campus we're here to protect the students."

Alex bowles, a Valdosta Tech student says he believes the second amendment.

"Everybody should be able to have it at least in their vehicle or in a place where they could get access to it if they needed it," he said.

"It would make me nervous," said Melissa Insardy, a Valdosta State student.

The Lowndes County Probate Court Acting Judge Terri Adams says these bills concerning firearm licenses and carrying laws are very complex. In her 30 years in the probate court, she says she's never seen firearm laws so convoluted.

But whether or not these measures become law, Ed Mullinax says with crime on the rise people will continue arming themselves.

Supporters of the bill contend if criminals know more law abiding citizens are carrying guns, they'll be less likely to commit crimes.

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