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Meet Kush, the hero guard dog

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –   A Dougherty County homeowner is crediting her Chihuahua with taking a bite out of crime.

She's convinced that her four month old, two pound dog Kush scared away the crooks that broke into her home.

Burglary has been a major crime problem across South Georgia. Victims feel powerless sometimes to try and find ways to keep the crooks out and protect their valuables.

Kush's owner, Rebecca Hicks, says she returned home Monday afternoon to find her front door kicked in. Nothing was missing, and she says that's because Kush was on the job.

"I think she was the hero. I think her barking is what chased them off. They decided not to come in, because of her barking," Hicks said.

Hicks says she got Kush as a gift a few weeks ago. "Somebody just wanted to get rid of her."

Her size may disguise her real inner courage. "I had no idea, because whenever we got her, she was really shy. And she would want to run and hide, but she doesn't do that anymore," Hicks said.

When people are looking for help from crime, Hicks says Kush is her answer.

Hicks said she did not want to get a gun, because she has kids and doesn't want to shoot anyone.

She says dogs are the best way to keep crooks out. "A lot of people that have dogs inside, people just don't realize it. Whenever they try to come in, they hear the dogs barking and they go off."

Kush got treats for her heroism. And Hicks warns that if the crooks ever come back, Kush's bite is getting sharper everyday.

Kush was not aggressive with us in her home. We could not get her to bark, even when we banged on the door. Her owner says Kush is also a very good judge of character, and seems to be able to tell the good guys from the bad guys.

Crime Watch experts say barking dogs are a good protection from crooks. It doesn't matter what breed of dog, just that it barks a lot is usually enough to make crooks leave.

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