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City of Albany cleans up graffiti

April 17, 2003

Albany- One by one community leaders and residents get on buses hoping this tour will help them come up ways to clean up their community. Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful Executive director, Julia Bowles, says, "We need this for Albany. People want to stop gang activity and clean the writing on buildings."

When they saw the writing on the wall, many people could only stare in shock and disbelief. City Commissioner Jon Howard has led the way in trying to get rid of graffiti. He worries it may hurt the economy.

Howard adds, "This will discourage potential business owners and people that may want to relocate to Albany."

The turnout for the graffiti tour was more than organizers expected. They say many people are just tired of their community being destroyed.

Oris Jefferson says, "This is not good. It's just amazing to see what people are doing to make the city look bad."

Onlookers say the writing on these wall is more than just graffiti, it lets them know it's up to them to make Albany graffiti free.

The City is also hosting a litter pick-up event on Saturday, April 19th on the corner of North Central Street and Mulberry Avenue at 9:00 in the morning.

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