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Nashville woman needs kidney transplant

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NASHVILLE, GA (WALB) –People in Nashville are coming together to raise money for a woman who needs a lifesaving kidney transplant.

A close friend put together a motorcycle ride Saturday.

The money raised will be matched by a transplant foundation so that Marie Newson can be put on the transplant list.

Twalla Newson walks with her mom Marie Newson who needs a kidney transplant. She started dialysis treatments on her birthday last year and while her kidney may be weak her heart is strong.

"She didn't want to tell us at first she was fighting it and she didn't want to tell us because she felt like it was a burden on us," said Twalla.

Doctors told Twalla, her mom's kidney's were shutting down which left her scared.

"My question was what can we do what can we do and that's when they told us about the kidney transplant," said Newson.

Marie Newson hasn't found a match yet but is hopeful. Twalla and her siblings have been ruled out except for her brother in Mexico who will soon be tested.

"Because of both parents having diabetes, we were not a candidate," said Newson.

The Georgia Transplant Foundation will match the funds raised. The average cost of a kidney transplant is $143,000.

Their family friend Christi McCranie has organized a motorcycle ride for this weekend that starts at Harvey's Supermarket in Nashville, then goes through surrounding counties, ending up at the Horse Creek Winery in Nashville.

Click here to donate or here to take part in the motorcycle ride this Saturday.

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