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Bugs showing up in houses

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – Now that the temperature has warmed up, some unwelcome visitors may be making appearances at your house. Exterminators are getting lots of calls from homeowners who say they have been inundated with ants, roaches, and other pests.

Wasps and roaches and ants, oh my. David Reed of Adams Exterminators said, "The last three weeks, we've seen a progression of calls."

Calls for exterminators at Adams to get rid of creepy crawlers inside of people's homes. Reed said, "Once it warms up outside, their body temperature, of course, goes up and their metabolism goes up and of course activity increases."

It's the kind of activity Shannon Gombar doesn't want in her house.  She said, "They just look nasty. They look really nasty." And she makes sure to keep those nasty bugs out. "We have someone who comes out once a month and pretty much keeps them away."

But there are times when one will sneak past her threshold.  She said, "On occasions when we have seen them come out more often than other times, I have called and gotten 'em to come out here to do another one before our month is up." Just to make sure. "'Cause they're nasty. You don't want 'em in your house." She certainly doesn't want them in hers.

You can reduce the amount of bugs in and around your home by keeping wood piles away from your home. Also, clean out wet landscape mulch and pine straw, and make sure plants aren't touching the exterior of your home.

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