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Parents of soldier get his status over the Internet

April 17, 2003

Camilla - An internet quote from their son brings joy to a soldier's family. The Camilla couple says it's a relief to know their son is okay. 

Everyday they wait for a sign to find out if their soldier son is alive. If you have someone serving overseas, you know the feeling. However, by a click of a button, the family got some relief. A relative typed their son's name in an internet search, the results made them happy.

Gail Williams teaches Social Studies at Mitchell Baker High School. Mrs. Williams says, "I often compare Saddam Hussein and Adolf Hitler to other times in history and how people resist and rebel." But, the class discussion sometimes gets personal, her son 35-year-old Lt. Cody Williams is making history in Iraq.

Williams is a Tank Platoon Commander with the 369 Armored Task Force. He was ordered overseas in February.

His Mom reads an article, "A mortar round clanks at their feet, a dud." She then comments, "Those are the kind of details a mother doesn't need to know." Mrs. Williams is not reading from a history book. She adds, "I found out he was okay through that article."

His family found an article on the Internet. A Salt Lake Tribune journalist from Utah interviewed Williams in Iraq. His parents even got to see a recent picture of him. They haven't heard from him since the war started. The soldier's Dad, Beech Williams, says, "It makes a difference. Even if you don't have a letter or you can't talk to them, that you know they are okay by the journalist over there doing the reporting."

They read that Williams platoon recently took control of Saddam International Airport. The reporter said, Williams used his tank to cover a damage vehicle from enemy fire to protect his companions. The reporter called him a hero. Mr. Beech says, "As a leader you've got to cover your men and show them courage in the middle of battle."

His dad is also a hero. He served eight years in the Marines and went to Vietnam twice. Mr. Williams explains, "Their whole being will be changed from what they were when they left."

Lt. Cody Williams has a wife ,Nicole, and two sons, 3-year-old Nicholas and 2-year-old Dylan waiting for him near Ft. Stewart.

The reporter, Greg Grant, who interviewd Lt. Cody Williams spent a week with the tank company. Grant wrote an e-mail to the family. He said Williams was the "go to" guy and the sharpest guy in the company.

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