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Two Albany forgery rings cracked

April 17, 2003

Albany -- 8 people have been arrested and 6 more are wanted in two stolen check and forgery rings. Dougherty County Sheriff's Investigators are looking for Melvin Jackson and Clarissa Kemp on forgery charges.

 Investigators say while Kemp worked at the Brighter Beginning Learning Center, she stole five checks and she and Jackson had two other people cash them.

 The second forgery ring was run by Zecharian Starling. He stole 19 checks from the Coastal Land and Timber company worth 15 thousand dollars. Starling and 5 other people were arrested for cashing the stolen checks. Four other people are still wanted.

Sheriff's Investigator Lt. Craig Dodd said "A lot of the liquor stores in town have gotten new digital camera equipment. Where they photograph the person, the check, and I.D. all at the same time. It has really helped in clearing a lot of these cases up."

 The owner of Coastal Land and Timber, John Hightower, was arrested while the investigation into his stolen checks was going on. Investigators say he dropped drugs while being interviewed, and he was arrested for possession.

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