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Autism Awareness Month

April 17, 2003

ASHBURN - It's autism awareness month, and a Turner County teacher is doing her best to educate people about it. Autism is a biological disorder that affects communication and social skills.

Karen Wynn sees three autistic children everyday, two sixth graders in her special education classroom, and one at home, her four-year-old son.

Karen Wynn said, "Just because a child is autistic, it does not mean they are mentally retarded or incapable of learning, they do have feelings, they do hear and understand just as you and I do, they just have little quirks about them that make them different."

Wynn is spreading the word about autism by writing weekly articles in her community paper, and passing out multi-colored autism awareness ribbons. She says most people she talks to think autism only affected "Rainman," but since that movie's debut the number of children born with autism has gone from one in 10 thousand to one in 500.

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