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Couple sees their son on television

April 16, 2003

Worth County- Almost one hundred and sixty members of the Fourteenth Airlift squadron greeted their family members as they returned home from Iraq on Tuesday.

Albany native, Second Lt. Kevin Bass was one of them, greeted by his wife Melanie and their children. Even though Bass's parents couldn't be there, they saw their son's arrival on Today in Georgia this morning.

Kevin Bass is a C-17 pilot with the Air Force. This is the first time his parents had laid eyes on him since Christmas. Donald Bass says seeing his son return home alive is an answered prayer.

As a military veteran, Donald says he is proud of his son for fighting for his country and standing proudly in harm's way.

The Fourteenth Airlift squadron spent more than three months flying missions in Operation Iraqi Freedom. The Bass' plan to visit their son next week in Charleston.

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