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Delays on airport project

April 16, 2003

Albany-- Work on a one million dollar project at the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport in Albany is far behind schedule.

Phase Two of the new airport cargo area was supposed to be finished March 19th. But a city inspector estimates the project is just six percent complete.

Construction was underway on the new aircraft cargo area, "It's going slowly its going very slowly."

Airport Director Richard Howell says that work on Phase Two of the project was suppose to be done a month ago. The construction company, Wriley and Ephraim, got an extension, now they have until April 28th. But, they won't be done by then either. Howell says, "By our best estimation, and something has been happening out there, we've got about five to six percent of the project is completed."

Phase One of the airport project is100,000 square feet of concrete. Right next to it is an expanse of gravel and dirt. Well, in just 12 days, this dirt is suppose to look like this concrete."

"No, we will not be able to complete by April 28th."

Project Manager Bob White admits the work won't be done by April 28th--now they want another extension. Delays caused by rain and personnel problems are to blame--but White says the project is further along than people think, "No we are much more than six percent complete, about 30 percent complete."

Airport Director Richard Howell says, "But, bottom line is we are at day 145 and the project hasn't been done yet." The project, no matter who completes it, will be done--the federal government is paying the bulk of the cost. Just when it will be done, however, is the question.

Airport Director Richard Howell says UPS is set to move out to the new cargo area when it's complete. That will bring at least 250,000 dollars of revenue to the airport each year--but Howell says the longer the project is delayed, the more money the airport will lose.

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