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Chief: Burglars are being pursued

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  Burglaries continue to be a major problem in Albany, and the Police Chief says he wants to stop it. While we interviewed the chief about the problem, another home in Merry Acres, a neighborhood recently targeted by burglars, was being broken into.

It's the kind of lunch break no one wants to have.  "When I came home for lunch, I went into the house and they kicked out the back door," said Bill Robinson.

The thieves got away with some of the items from his home, but didn't take everything they were after.  "Something scared them off,"  said Robinson.

But not before taking away a piece of his security.  "I was thinking about getting a burglar alarm, but I put it off, I've been lucky. My decision was made for me today."

And likely for many of his neighbors, who gathered near the home after the burglary. Like Robinson, they are frustrated that their neighborhood continues to be the target of thieves.  "Neighbors walk in in the middle of the day, houses are burglarized in the middle of the day and somebody should notice them, but they're very brave at what they do," said Robinson.

And police Chief John Proctor knows it.  "I want to assure the community that we know there are some issues out there and we're actively pursuing those."

Particularly in the Merry Acres community. "We have not taken our focus off. We're keeping an eye on that. We're keeping an eye on a number of the East side and central locations as well," said Proctor.

And neighbors should keep an eye out too, and if they do see something suspicious, don't ignore it.  "We had some issues where with citizens actually seeing the crimes take place and not reporting the crime. It's hard for us to arrest people when we don't get the call. We can't be at every corner of the city and we ask the city to sort of help us," said Proctor.

Help secure their neighborhoods and keep criminals out. While we were out the burglary on Lynwood, police got a call of another burglary taking place in the Lockette Station area. That's another area Chief Proctor says there has been an increase in burglaries.

One impact the recent crime has had is 911 is taking more calls of suspicious people, activities and cars in their neighborhoods. Police say that's good, and want people to continue that trend.

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