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Alligator found in Valdosta neighborhood

April 16, 2003

Valdosta - Tarus Lewis just got the surprise of his life. "I was across the street putting a cd player in my friend's car and looked up and saw an alligator in the road," said Lewis.

The almost nine foot long alligator was standing right in the middle of Deborah Drive. Shying away from his audience, the reptile crawled into the bushes of this home. Curious, but a bit frightened spectators watched from all over the neighborhood. "I didn't know where he came from and what he was doing in the middle of our neighborhood," said Lewis.

The alligator stayed in the yard until animal control arrived, about 45 minutes after he was first spotted. It took 3 men to capture him, covering his eyes, tying his legs, and dragging him into a pin.

Donny Bartow led the rescue and says the alligator most likely came from a nearby swampy area. "They're clearing the land to build some houses back there, and it probably got him stirring," said Bartow.

And there could be more where he came from. "This is mating season and the females are in heat, so there could be more out here and in other neighborhoods where you wouldn't expect them," said Bartow.

The alligator joined another in his pin, who was captured earlier in the day in Lakeland. Both will be relocated to a pond where there's no human contact.

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