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Residents near Fitzgerald nightclub speak out

By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

FITZGERALD, GA (WALB) –Police are looking for another person they want to question about a deadly shooting in Fitzgerald.

People who live in the neighborhood near the shooting are speaking out.

For 15 years, Johnnie Jackson has lived just feet from this night club. "Putting out cones deters people from parking in our driveway," said Jackson.

Over the years they've seen a lot. "It's the third person that got killed since we be living here and all them be young," said Jackson. "If they aint fighting they shooting and a stray bullet aint know nobody," said neighbor Barbara Green.

But this year, they hope the violence will stop, "I hope that be the last name that have to go up there," said Jackson.

33 year old Marcus Edwards was shot and killed outside of club Staxxx Saturday. One arrest has been made and now Terrance Thornton is now wanted for questioning.

"He goes by "Ramsey," he has a girlfriend who lives in Fitzgerald he is from Abbeville. Last information known is he fled back up to Wilcox county," said Detective James Tilley, Fitzgerald Police Department.

But neighbors just want the violence to stop, and they hope something is done about the club. "My desire and my main goal is one day that will be something other than a nightclub," said Jackson.

"Keep it closed down for the remainder of time people live down here bc people are really scared," said Green.

But in order for anything to be done, police say complaints must be made. "Whether its loud music or whatever that complaint may be they can file a complaint against it," said Tilley.

And if you make a complaint, you will remain anonymous.

"As a community if we get enough complaints about a certain establishment it gives us enough lee way to go in and correct the problems," said Tilley.

They urge anyone with any complaint relating the club to call police or 911 right away.

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