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Sheriff murder story heads for small screen

April 15, 2003

Albany-- Well, the tale of the former Dekalb County sheriff killing his successor will soon be on TBS Superstation.

Dekalb County District Attorney J. Tom Morgan escorted some Hollywood heavy weights around Albany. "We never dreamed that a year later we'd be down here talking with TBS writers helping them make a movie," Morgan said.

For three weeks last summer, the Dougherty County Courthouse was the scene of one of the most highly publized trials in recent years. "I remember watching television when this was unfolding its a national news story and thinking this is an important story," said screenwriter Kevin Droney.

Droney has the job of condensing several years to a couple hours. "Focus on the people, focus on the human cost, focus on what Derwin Brown stood for in his heart I think."

"It's just amazing drama and drama that translates well to movie form." Producer Jim Head says his visit to Albany, especially seeing the courtroom first hand, will help him recreate what took place. "To be in that courthouse, it's got such grandeur and presence and for a trial of this magnitude to take place in an atmosphere like this-- it's important for us to recreate that in the movie."

Rather than recreating the courtroom, the movie producers might choose the real deal, filming right here in Albany-- and once again putting the small city in the spotlight.

The Dekalb County District Attorney's office will not get any money for their help in the movie. TBS Superstation instead will make a sizable contribution to the Dekalb County child advocacy center.

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