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It's tax time!

April 15, 2003

ALBANY - Shawn Cox is like many South Georgians on April 15, heading to the IRS office, because he's not done with his taxes.

"I just needed a little more time to do it, to get all organized and I had a short amount of time," Cox said.

Now wait a minute, well not too long because the clock is ticking, but not enough time, you should have gotten your W2 forms in January?

"I had plenty of time to do it, but everybody hasn't given me what I needed to fill everything out," Cox said.

OK, We'll give him a break for being self employed, at least he's a little better off than Bobby King. 

"You know what day it is? "It's April 15," King said.  "You're just getting forms now? "I'm reluctant to pay so every year I wait," King said. 

Waiting can have its disadvantages though, especially if you are hoping to get a little help with your taxes.

"Earliest appointment was May, so I'm not interested,"

But some just getting their taxes in the mail say it has it's advantages too.

"Why should I let the government use my money for 15 months when I can use it." Al Stanford said.

The main reason everyone is at the IRS office is to pick up extension forms, they can save you big on penalties like the five percent fee for failure to file. The only bad news you'll still need to get your taxes done eventually.

Albany's main post office will be open until Midnight tonight, so you can get a April 15th postmark if you get to the front of the line by 11:59 p.m.

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